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Extra Long Tie Description

We make extra long ties for men who are taller or larger than average. Most standard length neckties are too short for men with larger than average frames or necks. For these men, finding a tie that falls at the right place on the shirt can be a hassle, and standard length ties may feel uncomfortable. Sometimes formal events call for a necktie, so it’s necessary for men to find a tie that looks great and feels comfortable. For example, ties are usually worn by men at weddings, formal parties, and job interviews. Luckily, we make extra long ties so that larger-than-average men can feel great and look great while wearing a necktie.

We have two lengths of ties available: our XL 63 inch tie and our XXL 70 inch tie for even taller men. Most traditional length ties are only 58 inches long. Our 63 inch tie is best for men who are 6’0’’ to 6’5’’ tall. Men with large necks (size 18+) should also wear extra long ties. Our 70 inch tie is best for men who are 6’6’’ or taller. Men who are 6’4’’ or taller with large necks should also wear the 70 inch tie. Also, if you like to tie larger knots in your necktie, an extra long tie may be what you need.