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Picking a Tie for a Job Interview

October 01, 2016

tie color for job interview

Job interviews are a very stressful time.  On top of researching the company, asking the right questions, and acting confident, you also need to look great.  In most job interview situations, it is appropriate for men to wear a necktie and jacket.  Here are some tips to help you find the right tie to help you nail your job interview.

Pick the right tie pattern for your job interview

Your tie pattern says a lot about you.  When you wear a dark suit and white shirt for an interview, your tie is the first thing that the interviewer's eye sees.  Therefore, it is crucial to wear a necktie that sends the right message. There is no one right tie pattern for every person.  It all depends on the message you are trying to send.  Decide whether you want to show power, style, open-mindedness, or creativity, and choose your necktie accordingly.  
    •  Stripes are a symbol of power and sophistication
    • Paisleys show traditional classicism
    • Geometric patterns can connote creativity
    • Solid color ties indicate style and a contemporary demeanor.

Pick the right tie length for your job interview

This one is an easy one.  Many tall men wear regular-length ties that just don't look good.  If you are a tall man (above 6'2") you should wear extra long ties.  The extra 4 inches of length allow you to tie a proper knot and still have your tie reach all the way to the belt loop. Most men shorter than 6'2" will be fine with a standard-length tie, unless they like to tie large or loose knots, such as a double windsor.

Pick the right tie color for your job interview

Just as the tie pattern makes a big impression, the tie color is also critical.  Dark colors such as blue and red are powerful, but can also be seen as mainstream.  Bright colors indicate creativity, but can be overboard for very conservative environments.  A black or gray tie sends the message that you fit in with the crowd.  That can mean that you are a team player, but it can also be interpreted that you are not a leader. Choose your ties carefully.  They say a lot about you.  If you choose well, your tie can gain you a lot of points before you even open your mouth in a job interview.  Don't underestimate the power of your appearance to help you nail a job interview or any other important meeting.

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Size Guide

63-inch Ties

These are best for men 6'0" to 6'5". Men with large necks (size 18+) should wear extra long ties.

70-inch Ties

These are best for men 6'6" and taller. Men 6'4" and taller with large necks or those who like to tie larger knots should also wear 70-inch ties.


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