5 Tall Guy Fashion Mistakes When Wearing a Tie

5 Tall Guy Fashion Mistakes When Wearing a Tie

Whether you’re in a corporate setting, a casual party, or a formal event, wearing a tie is appropriate in almost all situations. Wearing a tie in any given situation is a pretty straightforward concept but time and time again we see common mistakes especially with tall guys. There are several set in stone standards that tall men need to abide by in order to pull off good fashion that includes a tie. Here are 5 common tall guy fashion mistakes when wearing a tie.

#1. Incorrectly and poorly tied tie

There are so many ways that you can mess up a tie knot and it’s one of the biggest mistakes in tie fashion. A loosely knotted tie can make your tie look flimsy and even worse, gaps between your knot and your collar is a big no no. Any knot that shows the skinny end of the tie is a huge mistake. All of these need to be avoided. Check out our series on tying knots including How to Tie a Trinity Knot and How to Tie a Half Windsor. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more video tutorials. Don’t make this simple mistake.

#2. Ties that are too short

Belt shot

Since we specialize in extra long ties for extra tall guys, it’s obvious that this is a big one. Too many times we see guys with skyscraper frames that are trying to wear standard size ties resulting in a tie that is way too short. Your tie needs to reach the middle of your belt buckle to look right. Ties that are too short look awful and need to be avoided. If you’re 6 foot and taller, it’s likely that you need an extra long tie so you can avoid small tie syndrome and you’re not spending hours trying fake out your tiny tie. Unacceptable and completely avoidable. Check out our entire collection of extra long ties and put this mistake to bed.

#3. Clashing and mismatched colors and patterns

This one is especially important for tall guys. The last thing you want to do is attract unwanted attention to your giant frame by clashing patterns and colors in your tie and shirt. You always want to choose a tie that compliments the color of your suit and your shirt. This can be difficult sometimes with the overwhelming patterns, colors, and styles of ties and shirts. It’s always a safe bet to wear a dark colored suit with a white shirt and any solid colored tie.

#4. Sloppy, wrinkled, or stained tie

This seems obvious but it’s worth talking about because we see this mistake a lot, especially with guys that don’t wear ties often. Keeping your ties cleaned and wrinkle free is the way to go. Your tie is most often a focal point, especially on tall guys so it’s important to present yourself correctly. This is avoidable by putting a little effort to taking care of your ties. Plus, this will extend the lifespan of your tie collection.

#5. The wrong tie for the occasion

There is a time and place for all ties. Some ties can be appropriate for almost all occasions but it’s important to know when to bust out your Jack-O-Lantern Halloween tie. Black tie events require a black bow tie and extra long plaid ties should be put away for formal occasions. Check out our article about picking the right tie for a job interview. When in doubt, go conservative and stick the traditional solid colors and patterns. Don’t be caught in an awkward tie situation. All of these examples are particularly important when you’re talking about tall guys. Again, your tie will be the focal point on your giant frame and you won’t be able to hide your embarrassing tie. So now that you have some good tips on what not to do, make sure you stock up your wardrobe with great looking extra long ties. Check out our collection of silk designer extra long ties that are specifically designed for guys over 6 feet tall. Here are some classic extra long ties to choose from. [show_products per_page="6" category="fall-ties" show="all" orderby="menu_order" order="desc" layout="default" ]