How to Pair a Striped Tie with a Dress Shirt

Knowing what kinds of patterns and colors go with what necktie can seem like an impossible task at times. Choosing the right dress shirt can help bring your outfit together, giving you a classic and fashionable look to add to your wardrobe. When the time comes to select a dress shirt, it’s important to know what kinds of patterns won’t clash with a striped tie. Whether you’re searching for an everyday look for work or a more formal event, consider some rules before pairing a dress shirt with a striped tie.

striped shirt recommendations

Solid, light colored shirt

One of the safest dress shirts to pair with a striped tie is solid and light colored. Try to match your striped tie with a light colored dress shirt that matches the colors in your tie. If your tie has dark purple stripes, you can pair it with a purple pastel dress shirt.

Solid, dark color shirt

Again, a solid color shirt is the safest way to go when pairing it with a striped tie. Similar to the light colored shirt, choose a dark colored shirt that matches the palette of your tie. A good rule of thumb is to choose a dark colored shirt with a lighter colored tie for good contrasting.

Checkered pattern shirt

Pairing a striped tie with a checkered pattern dress shirt can be a little more risky than choosing a solid shirt. Choose a checkered pattern that is very small and light in color. This will give your outfit a little bit of texture but won’t clash and won’t be playing pattern wars with your tie.

Tie and shirt combos to avoid

Although striped ties can add color and style to your wardrobe, be cautious when pairing with more intricate and bold designed dress shirts. Avoid polka dot dress shirts because the pattern clashes with stripes. Similarly, wearing a plaid or paisley patterned shirt will clash and the striped tie would get lost in a sea of pattern.

General tie tips

All tie and shirt combos have basic rules and guides. There are also general tie tips and guidelines that will help bring your wardrobe together. One important guideline is the length of your tie. The tip of your tie should always reach the middle of your belt buckle, regardless if you’re wearing a suit jacket over top. For tall guys, this can be a challenge because standard ties are usually 58 inches in length. If you are taller than 6’0, consider an extra long tie (63 inches) to give yourself enough room to tie a proper knot. It’s also important to consider the width of the lapel on your suit jacket. Your tie should match the width of the lapel so it doesn’t look unproportional. For more tips, check out How to Wear a Plaid Tie, and How and When to Wear a Skinny Tie.