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How to Pair a Paisley Tie With Your Style

September 30, 2016

extra long paisley tie

When it comes to formal wear, guys are pretty limited to the style combinations they have available. A suit and tie for formal occasions is the standard and there isn't too much wiggle room. So when it comes to style, the one place that guys can add a little personality is their tie. Yeah, you can try different suit colors and styles, but wearing a great looking tie can bring your outfit together. Paisley ties date back to the early 1500’s as a symbol of royalty. The design became extremely popular in the states during the 1930’s and peaked in the 60’s. Paisley has made a comeback in the 2000’s with more designs, styles, and colors to choose from to help give your suit a little personality. Here are some tips on how to pair a paisley tie with a suit and dress shirt.


When in doubt, wear white

Wearing a paisley tie doesn’t mean wearing a colorful dress shirt that is similar. People don’t want to feel like they're in a maze when they look at your outfit. When wearing a paisley tie, keep the rest of your outfit simple. The safest choice is a white dress shirt. In fact, when you’re in doubt as to what color shirt to wear with any tie, go with white. It goes with everything.

Pair with a wool suit

If you’re a beginner in the paisley department, start off slow. A wool suit pairs great with almost any silk paisley tie. It’s a great neutral fabric that can be worn in all seasons. It’s also durable enough to be your go to, everyday suit.

Vests break up the party

If paisley ties make you a little nervous because of the bold design, pair it with a vest. Vests conceal up to three-quarters of your tie, giving your outfit a little bit of boldness without going over the top.

Contrast your suit

If you choose a paisley tie that has a large and bold pattern, tone everything else down. Wear a black or navy blue suit to offset your tie. It’s important not to wear a suit that is going to clash with your tie or wash out the paisley design. If your tie has dark colors with some cooler colors mixed in, it’s OK to wear it with a lighter gray suit to give your outfit a little bit of a vintage feel complimented by modern style.

Length is important

Once you’ve decided on your suit color and the design of your paisley tie, it’s important to remember one basic rule - Make sure that your tie is long enough. Time and time again, you see guys wearing their tie several inches too high. If you’re tying a fancy knot like the half or full Windsor, make sure your tie is long enough to reach the middle of your belt buckle. This is especially important if you’re 6’0 and taller. Standard size ties are 58 inches long, which is typically not long enough for taller guys. Get an extra long tie that is at least 63 inches. This will ensure that your necktie is long enough, even if you want to try out a new knot. Shop Long Tie’s entire collection of extra long ties and 70 inch extra long ties.

Size Guide

63-inch Ties

These are best for men 6'0" to 6'5". Men with large necks (size 18+) should wear extra long ties.

70-inch Ties

These are best for men 6'6" and taller. Men 6'4" and taller with large necks or those who like to tie larger knots should also wear 70-inch ties.


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