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Friends don't let tall friends wear short ties

September 30, 2016

We have all seen it before--that 6-foot-plus guy wearing a tie that looks like it came from the teen boy section at Macy's.  It's a sad sight indeed.  In the biz we call it long tie denial disorder (LTDD).  But with a little help, you can help to eradicate LTDD from our society. Here is our cheat sheet for ties.
Who exactly needs to wear tall ties?
The general rule is that men 6'2" and taller should wear extra long ties.  Less traditional uses for long ties include short clowns and folks who want to tie them end to end to create a 100% silk fire escape rope (disclaimer - we do not recommend this). How long are extra long ties? Most extra long ties are between 62 and 64 inches long.  Civilian ties tend to be around 58 inches.  And for the ultra tall men of the world, extra extra long ties are 70 inches long.
How do I approach a friend who struggles with this issue?
The best way is a direct intervention.  Just tell him that he is not 5'8" anymore and it's time to start dressing like a tall man.  Emailing him images of ties from is also particularly efficacious in the treatment of LTDD. Which other disorders frequently accompany Long Tie Denial Disorder (LTDD)? In our clinical trials we have seen a preponderance of SSD (Short Sock Disease), MFLSSS (Mid-Forearm Long Sleeve Shortage Syndrome), and FLPTLLCC (Full-Length Pants That Look Like Capris Condition).  All of these are very serious.  We at are currently only licensed to treat disorders of the lower tie region, but we work alongside other trained professionals to coordinate the effective treatment of all height-related fashion deficiencies.

Size Guide

63-inch Ties

These are best for men 6'0" to 6'5". Men with large necks (size 18+) should wear extra long ties.

70-inch Ties

These are best for men 6'6" and taller. Men 6'4" and taller with large necks or those who like to tie larger knots should also wear 70-inch ties.


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